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Get the right start! NZ Business Sales helps you choose the right type of business for sale opportunity by looking at an industry with which you're both familiar and understand, and that matches your skills and experience. Before you buy look at lots of NZ Business Sales in New Zealand


  • A customer base - with cash flow from day one.
  • Accepted products and/or services. They have already been developed and accepted.
  • Experienced and skilled staff who understand the business.
  • Systems that keep the customers coming and the cash flowing in.
  • History - the business operates and will have financial records on its performance.

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Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately sometimes disputes arise in our lives.

If you need help to resolve any dispute including in a business, contract, relationship, estate or a civil or any other matter…


Negotiation - Disputing parties discuss and attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves, without any third party assistance.

Mediation Services - An independent person assists the parties quickly & cost effectively to discuss the issues in dispute and resolution options. A legally binding agreement is usually prepared at the end of the mediation setting out the matters agreed by the parties.

Arbitration - An independent arbitrator makes a decision (after considering all of the evidence presented by the parties) called an "award", which is final and legally binding.

Expert Determination - An expert investigates the issues and then makes a determination on the issues in dispute. The expert acts within the terms of reference set out by the parties.