Let me resolve your dispute quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Business: Employment, shareholder, director, supplier, insurance, lease, rent reviews
  • Contractual: Relating to the supply of any goods and services
  • Matrimonial: Division of relationship assets on separation
  • Business & Property Sales: Agreement and warranty breaches, commission disputes
  • Civil: Between private individuals and also other parties (eg. ACC claims)
  • Estate: Division of estate assets

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E: JohnIsaac@MediationArbitration.co.nz
M: 021 959 892

"I was impressed with John's mediation skills and also his wide in depth knowledge of both commercial matters generally & the law in particular." Michael Smyth, Barrister

"I would highly recommend John when someone has any dispute and needs a Mediator or Arbitrator to resolve it efficiently, with integrity and to arrive at an equitable award having carefully considered all of the relevant evidence." Denis Smith, Civil Engineer

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John Isaac

Dispute Resolver – Mediation & Arbitration Expert

Dispute resolution and mediation SERVICES

Negotiation is a process where disputing parties discuss and attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves without any third party assistance.

Mediation Services
Mediation is a process where an independent and impartial person (the mediator) facilitates negotiations between parties to assist them to quickly & cost effectively resolve the issues in dispute. The mediator’s role is to assist parties to discuss the real issues in dispute and then to discuss options for resolving these issues. A settlement agreement is normally signed before parties leave the mediation meeting.

Arbitration is a process (governed by the Arbitration Act 1996) in which an independent arbitrator makes a decision (after considering the evidence presented by the parties) called an “award”, which is final and binding on the parties and which settles the issues in dispute.

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